• Why do you need my personal information?

    As a free member you can choose to use irezQ, the road safety app, completely anonymously. You do not need to submit any data at all. You will receive warnings of accidents nearby and you will warn others if you are involved in an accident. We do however recommend you to submit your phone number since our system might send out certain warnings via SMS. If you submit your e-mail address you will be informed of updates and improvements from irezQ (This will at the most be on a monthly basis). As a premium member it is important that you submit as much information as possible so that our operator can give you the best possible help in case of an accident. Your phone number is needed so that an operator can reach you at the scene of an accident. Your emergency contacts are needed so that an operator has the chance to contact them if needed. All information fed into the app is strictly confidential and only sent to rescue services should you be involved in an accident. An operator does not have access to this information unless there is an accident.

  • Why do you need to allow location and push services?

    Your personal integrity is of the outmost importance to us. The irezQ road safety app is tracking your travelling in order to determine where you are if there is an accident. We ONLY track you in short intervals. After a while, all information, related to your personal travelling is deleted from our servers forever. It is only in the case of an accident that you yourself are involved in that we register position and data so that you can be helped in an efficient way. It is only the relevant acting rescue service in the area that you are in, that are informed with your data that you submit. All others using the irezQ app only get a warning that “an accident has occurred near by. Slow down!” The push service sends push messages in order to warn you of a critical situation. This is why you must allow such warnings. Without them, you cannot be warned and the app is not of much use. As an alternative, a warning might be sent via SMS. Make sure to turn on the sound on your phone as the warning comes as a text- and sound message.

  • Why do you need access to my phonebook?

    When you agree that we should have access to your phone book in the road safety app, it does not mean that we are copying any of your contacts. It is only a means to simplify for you when you wish to add a person in your phone register as ICE-contact (In Case of Emergency) to be alerted in case of an accident or if you wish to use your contacts to give away an app as a gift or recommend the app to friends. In no case does irezQ register information from your address book that is not submitted by yourself.

  • Some new cars already calls for automatic emergency help if I crash. Why do I still need irezQ?

    irezQ does something you new car cannot. irezQ sends out an immediate warning to the surrounding traffic warning about the danger. There is a high likelihood that the deformation zones and your airbags in your car are consumed in the first crash, leaving you vulnerable in your car. There is a big risk that you will get seriously injured in a second crash. irezQ will warn others and there is a chance you will be able to avoid the second crash. Don´t be a sitting duck. irezQ is your free, extra life insurance.

  • Can I add multiple ICE-contacts?

    Yes it is possible to add up to 6 ICE-contacts if you wish.

  • Is my personal data safe?

    Your data and your integrity are absolutely safe with irezQ. All information that you key in is NOT available to anyone else, not even to the people working at irezQ. All data is encrypted and only revealed to security cleared personnel and rescue operators if you should be unfortunate and end up in an accident. In this case the data is only used to give you an efficient and better treatment, giving you a better chance to survive. Be sure to keep your user name and password safe!

  • How does the manual alarm work?

    As a premium member, you can set off a manual alarm. The alarm will be sent to an irezQ operator that sees your exact position on a map together with your personal information submitted in the app. At the same time, your phone will initiate a phone call to the rescue service centre where an operator will take care of your call and help you in a professional way. A huge advantage is that the operator sees your position and data and he can save valuable time in an emergency situation. The operator can easily pass the correct information on to the local emergency rescue team if necessary.

  • How does the irezQ app effect on the battery lifetime?

    irezQ uses a minimum amount of energy (approximately 10% per hour). The road safety app has been optimized and uses less energy than most other navigation apps. The app automatically starts running in the background but it is normally “sleeping” when you are not travelling. If you turn it off, it will no longer be able to help you in case of an accident. On the majority of smartphones on the market it is the graphics on your display that uses the most power. This is not a problem for irezQ since the function is always running in the background without turning on the display. Since the app is running in the background, you can still use other apps like Spotify or navigation apps etc without compromising the functionality. It is an advantage if you always connect your smartphone to a power source when you are out travelling. As a feature, you set the app in “power saving mode” by checking a box in the app that prevents the app from starting automatically if there is no power source connected. As an alternative you can ask the app to pause its automatic start if there is less than 25% left of your battery.

  • Why should I register vehicle registration numbers?

    If one or more vehicles are involved in an accident, it is an advantage for rescue services to know which vehicle you may be sitting in, in order to give you better treatment. This is only necessary if you often travel in the same vehicles with a registration number.

  • What if I on purpose trigger false alarms?

    The irezQ road safety app has the right to disqualify and disconnect any user at its own discretion and without excuses. As a user you promise not to use the App with false intent. False intent means misusing or abusing the application or for purposes that it is not meant to be used for.

    Misuse or abuse is considered:

    1. A user that triggers the app intentionally without need of emergency help.
    2. A user that has a phone or an operator that is malfunctioning with the app.
    3. A user that is involved in activities that leads to the app reacting more often than what is normal.

    It is imperative that users respect these restrictions in order for the app to work at an optimum. If for some reason rescue services should claim costs related to a false alarm, irezQ will stand for such costs.

  • Where does the app work?

    The irezQ app works worldwide where there is available data traffic. The road safety, car crash app basic functionality is free to use worldwide. The functionality is always available where there is coverage from different operators. If there is poor coverage, a warning/alert may be sent as an SMS. irezQ does not have a rescue operator available in all countries from start. This means that the premium member service will not be available in all countries from start. We will add professional operators gradually as the amount of users in your country increases. The more persons using the app in your country, the faster an operator will be initiated. If there is no operator in your country, you must call the local rescue services 112/911 or equivalent. Use irezQ to see your exact location above the map.