For a free member:
irezQ-ALERT: The car crash app will warn others within seconds if you are involved in an accident, thus preventing other from running into you.
irezQ WARNING: The app will warn you within seconds of an accident so that you have a chance to avoid the nearby danger.
The alarm creates an alarm-zone that is activated for 1 hour unless it is cancelled by the person setting of the alarm or by an operator. An alarm-zone can also be cancelled automatically under certain circumstances. When a free member triggers an alarm, an operator cannot see who triggered it.
As a premium member, the irezQ car crash app also does the following:
irezQ-HELP: An alarm comes up on a professional operators screen showing your exact position, your personal data, phone number, email address, special medical needs and your emergency contacts data submitted in the road safety app.
irezQ CONTACT: A professional irezQ operator will contact you upon an alarm that is considered a genuine alarm. The operator sees your exact position, your breaking pattern on a graph and possible movement during the incident. Upon your request, the operator can contact your next of kin if contact data is submitted in the app.
irezQ-MEDIC: The irezQ operator will inform the emergency services about the exact position of the accident and about your special medical needs.
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