How it works

The road safety app is an automatic car crash detection, warning and rescue app designed for travelling with any sort of ground vehicle. The app starts automatically when you have travelled a distance more than 1000 meters and reached a speed over 25 km/h. The app is developed with smart algorithms using sensors already available in your smartphone. By automatically monitoring and interpreting certain parameters, the app can determine if the carrier of the phone is involved in an accident whereby an immediate warning is sent to all other travellers nearby, using the irezQ app, “WARNING! ACCIDENT NEARBY”. If you crash, this can prevent others from running into you and prevent you from harm in a second crash.

If you are a premium member, the car crash app will alert the irezQ emergency rescue centre where an operator can see your position and your breaking pattern presented in a graph. The irezQ rescue centre will try to reach you if they suspect a true accident. If needed the operator can get in touch with your emergency contacts that you have submitted in the app. If you choose to submit information about your personal and special health issues or needs, the emergency services will be informed if you are involved in an accident. This can improve your chance to a better treatment at the scene of the accident.

By optimizing the algorithms and adjusting the settings in the app the phone can react in the best possible way in a wide range of accidents and scenarios. We strive for continuous improvements means that we will always look to improve the ways to warn you or to keep you out of harms way. If you belong to the group of people that reason that “it wont happen to me” please think again. If you are lucky enough to avoid an accident, it might be your mother, father, spouse, son or daughter that needs the app. The more people who have the irezQ road safety app installed the more correct information about an accident will be sent out and more people will be warned. So for your own safety and in helping others with theirs, download it now! The basic functionality will always be for free so there is no reason for not downloading irezQ to your smartphone. Be smart and just do it!

Please note: irezQ works with iPhone 4 and newer versions and with most Android phones that are not older than 3 years. A warning is displayed on the screen and as a voice message and it is important for you to turn up the volume. Make sure GPS and data traffic is activated. Some smartphones have energy saving settings and energy saving apps. irezQ cannot guarantee that your app works properly if these settings are activated. You can check to see if the app starts by following the notifications that you get in the phone when traveling.

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